We are not about being the cheapest. We are about being better. Our fee types offer value. Our fee types are fair.

Not all businesses are alike. Some have annual budgets for legal fees, some don’t. Some businesses are experienced with the legal system, some aren’t. Choose a fee structure that suits your business best.

Hourly Rates
Hourly rates are a traditional fee structure; you are billed for a lawyer’s time writing letters, talking, drafting documents and importantly thinking how to go about all that. You are not billed for research, being a task to obtain the knowledge required to perform a certain task.


Fixed Fees
If you prefer the certainty of a fixed fee we will set a fixed fee for a specified job or to achieve a specific outcome.

If there are many stages in the process of the desired outcome we may set a series of fixed amounts payable at each stage of a process.

If you know you have need for ongoing legal services we are able to set a fixed weekly or monthly fee payable, for which you will receive legal services from us. Obviously there are some limits on the quantum of services available, but like everything else, if you use our services regularly we can offer savings.