Keith Bennetts


Keith Bennetts is an accomplished senior lecturer at the University of South Australia.  He has a Master of Laws and Diploma of Education and has consulted to major firms, both in the state and nationally. 

As a published author, Keith has written numerous refereed journal articles on companies in trouble, appearing in the Company and Securities Law Journal, Corporate and Business Law Journal, Australian Bar Review, Insolvency Law Journal and Banking Law Bulletin.  He has also written chapters in Halsbury’s Laws of Australia (Receivership; Voluntary Administration) and is the originating author of the national education program for the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association of Australia.  

Keith has also held a number of consultancies with major law firms in Adelaide and is a specialist in developing professional training courses for both the accounting and legal professions

He ensures our lawyers are ever improving, developing their skills and technical knowledge.  He is an integral resource in our commitment to delivering superior legal outcomes to our clients.

In his spare time, Keith chooses to read a legal journal which soothes his mind in much the same way as a nice massage might.